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Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes From Daughter

Thinking of you on the day you were born brings so many happy and cherished memories. I wish we’d have had a few more before you had to go. Sending all my love above

Losing you was the hardest and most unfortunate moment in my life, but knowing that you are happy up in Heaven brings me so much joy. Happy birthday, friend

Sending hugs and kisses straight up to Heaven just for you today, Mommy. I wish I could wrap my arms around your neck and give them to you myself, but I’ll have to let God do it for me this year. Happy birthday.”

Remember how you used to celebrate your whole birthday month and not just your birthday? I’m going to keep that candle burning for you, Mom. I love you

There’s so much I want to tell you, Mama, and so much I want to hear you tell me. But on today, your special day, I simply want to wish you a happy birthday in Heaven

Happy birthday, Darling. I hope heaven realizes what a treasure you are. You were certainly mine while you were here with me

I know we can’t celebrate today like we have in years past. But I hope you know that I still try. Happy Birthday

I’m feeling a little jealous of the angels right now. Happy birthday in Heaven

No amount of birthday wishes can convey how much I love you and want you beside me on your special day. Your birthday will always be a special day to honour you and I hope you are doing well in Heaven, happy birthday my mentor in life

On this very special day, we honour one of the greatest human beings I know, my dad. My dad was not just a dad, he was an incredible one and one that would shower me with an endless amount of love. Thank you dad for all that you have done and I wish you a very happy birthday.

Living without you is harder than I could ever imagine, Dad. But every day, I try my best to carry on and be happy, because I know that’s what you would have wanted. Wishing a happy heavenly birthday to you today, my beloved Father

I wish I could spend just one more birthday with you, Dad. I wish I could see the delight on your face when we bring you your birthday cake and presents. Every year, I will continue to celebrate every birthday in your honour, and you will live forever in my heart. Happy birthday, Dad. I love you so much.

Today, I remember and celebrate the remarkable life of the most incredible friend, mentor, idol and father. We were not just my dad, but my best friend too. Happy birthday, Dad. You are my eternal hero.

Happy birthday Mom, there is not one day that I am not thinking about you. While you may not be with us, I hope you know that you are always in my heart and I will never forget all that you have taught us. Have a very happy birthday in Heaven Mom, I love you

Dear Mom, happy birthday to you. I hope you are doing well up there and have found much peace and happiness in a place far away. I miss you and will always do.

Whenever I look up at the stars, I take comfort in knowing that you’re up there shining bright. You were the best mom in the whole world. I wish we could celebrate this occasion together, but I know you are having a special day in eternal paradise

I have cried so many times, but I know that all the tears in the world will never bring you back. As you celebrate your birthday in Heaven, I wish you everlasting peace and happiness. I miss you, Mom. Happy birthday!

Emotional Birthday Dad in Heaven Wishes

Dad, this is one of the most special days of my life because today we recollect all of our memories with you. May your birthday in heaven be as remarkable as you are.

To my best buddy and best ally, I miss you so much. Your birthday made me realize how lucky I am to have you as my hero every time I get into petty fights with the other kids. I miss you daddy. Happy birthday in heaven

Dad, though it seemed like I wasn’t listening to what you were saying when you were still alive, but I want you to know that I am living every single day of this life honoring all of your advises. Thanks for everything dad! Happy birthday in heaven!

Dad, there are 2 occasions every year that make me regret things I’ve done in the past. That is every Father’s Day and your birthday. How I wish I can turn back the time and just savor every moment. I miss you so much dad and I am looking forward to be with you again in heaven. Have a blessed birthday!

We may be worlds apart but I always feel your presence near me. I guess it’s because when you were still here, you have spoiled me with all of your love and care. I miss you so much daddy. I pray for a wonderful birthday in heaven.

Today on your very special day, I can easily remember even the smallest details and memories I’ve spent with you. From the day you carried me in your arms, to the moments you changed my diapers, and put me in school. I miss all of those daddy. Happy birthday to you. See you in heaven soon.

Happy birthday daddy! Today, I’m here on your grave with these colorful flowers. I have decided to bring you something that is as wonderful as you were. I love you and I miss you

If God will give me a second chance to hold you in my arms, I want you to know that I am never letting go. It breaks my heart to know that I will not be able to hug you anymore daddy. So I’m just wishing you the best birthday in heaven.

Dear daddy, I pray for this special day to be full of joy and happiness not just for us here on earth but also for you up there in heaven. Best birthday dad! We miss you!

I know how hard it is to wish you a blissful birthday today on your special day dad. You may have left this world but I hope in heaven you are having a blast. Happy birthday

Dad, no one can ever give me a hug as warm as yours and I miss you the most for that. I just hope that you’re getting a lot of them in heaven. Happy birthday dad!

Dad, I am sure that you are having one incredible birthday party with the angels today. May you enjoy your day up there and always remember that I love you!

Hey dad, I hope you are enjoying heaven right now. I miss your presence here on this planet and I can still remember how quick you can turn my bad times to wonderful times. I love you dad. Happy birthday.

Papa, you can now rest and have eternal peace in heaven. I’m sad that you have left us but I’m glad that heaven is the best place for you to enjoy. May you have a fun birthday with the angels

Every time I think about you, my heart seems to sing out loud with the warmest love you gave me. Even if you’re on the other side of life, I can still feel your affection hugging me. May you have a blessed birthday with God

There must be a million lightyears between us but know that you are forever in my heart and mind. I hope you’re having the best birthday up there with all the kindest angels.

To the world’s greatest dad, I miss hugging you every Father’s Day, and mostly, I miss showering you with my love on your birthdays. May you have a good one in heaven

Dear Dad, I know I was never a believer, but these days, I imagine you’re in Heaven now, looking over me, protecting me as you always did

Happy 90th birthday, Dad. You might not be here in person anymore, but I celebrate you all the same. I am still so very proud of you and always will be

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes From Son

Happy birthday wishes seem to disappear with the wind, but I know your soul hears them

Just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and that the loving memories of you are everlasting in my mind. I wish you a marvelous birthday, knowing that you are by the Lord’s side!”

Even though you’re far away, I miss you every single day. I know you’re gone and that’s okay, I still like to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, daddy

The only gifts today will be your sweet memories left behind. May Angels hold you closely and sing you a happy song. And I’ll be sending wishes today and all year long. Happy birthday in Heaven dad

I am sending across my best birthday wishes to the best dad I know. He may not be here now, but he’s forever in my heart. Happy birthday, dad

My best birthday wishes to the hero of my life, the best father in the world. He may not be with me today, but he will never leave my heart. Happy birthday in Heaven dad. I miss you a lot

Every day I thank God for the time we shared together and the memories I have of that time. You blessed all who knew you with your kindness and light. You blessed me with every day we have spent together and now you are my guardian angel.

I am sending birthday wishes to you in Heaven today dad. If not for your wisdom and kindness I would not be the person I am today. Thank you for everything you did for me. I’ll love you forever and beyond.”

As you celebrate your birthday with the angels, I celebrate the memory of having you as a father. Best wishes on the day you were brought into this world. Happy birthday in Heaven dad.

Even though you are not present between us, I know you must be protecting and giving a blessing to me from heaven on my special day. All I can do for you is to pray to God to give your soul the peace and enlightenment it deserves. Happy birthday to my dearest father in heaven

I still clearly remember all the memories we have carved together. From going to school for the first time to riding the bicycle, getting my college scholarship, and the list is endless. I badly miss you on your special day. I hope you are happy and content in heaven. Happy birthday, daddy

Hey dad, your absence bites me a lot. I crave for your fatherly hug, genuine advice, sweet scoldings, and guidance. I know you must be residing peacefully in heaven because you had done only good deeds. Happy birthday to my father in heaven

You were just dad to me, while you were my friend, my partner and my everything. I love you so much dad. Sending all the hugs and wishes in heaven. Happy birthday dad!

Do you have telephone dad in heaven? Provided I could talk to you. Missing you so much on your birthday. Happy birthday dad in heaven!

life is too short but I don’t know that it would come this short that it would take you away from me. Wishing you happy birthday dad in heaven!

The sorrow of not attending your last year’s birthday still pinches my heart every single day. I wish I could celebrate your birthday, put the cake on your face, and hug you one last time. Happy birthday to my loveliest dad in heaven!

On your extremely special day, I want to tell you that every year your birthday celebration comes a sweet-bitter combination of feelings. At one moment, we experience cheer and excitement, in another moment, we experience only pain and sorrow. I hope you are fine in heaven. Happy birthday, father

Free Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Images

Heaven is the place where you can be safe, Dad. The last breathe you took were so difficult, but still, you fought with that fearlessly. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Dear Father, be ready to tolerate me as your daughter always. So what if you left me in this life. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Happiest birthday, dada. I hope you will be blessed with everything in heaven.

Superhero is the other name for Dad, but unfortunately, I lost my one. Wherever you are, Dad, I wish you an abundance of happiness. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Dad is equal to a superhero, but I lost my one. No issues still. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

You have acquired a place in heaven, dad. I wish I got the chance to go with you there so that we can always celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

I hope I will be able to have you as my father in every birth I take. So, what if I lost you in this birth? I ask for you always. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Warriors are meant to live forever, and you are one, Dad. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Having your name as my surname is the best feeling I can’t deny with. Now you are not here, but this will be with me forever. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

The only superhero that existed for me was my Dad. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad!

Today being your birthday, I pour my heart out to you because I know you are somewhere listening. It’s my prayer that the angels in heaven celebrate this day with you by organizing a grand party on your behalf

Since you left us, I have always had the feeling that a part of me is missing. I know someday I will feel whole again when I meet you in heaven. Till then, celebrate this day with joy

As I grow older, I am beginning to understand most of the lessons you thought me about life, and they are playing a great role in shaping me into a better person. Thank you, dad. Have a melody- filled birthday.

The only shred of happiness I get from losing you is knowing you are very happy wherever you are. Have an amazing birthday, father.

I know the angels are singing sweet songs for you as you celebrate this great day. I wish we could also hear the joyous melodies they are singing

As you celebrate your birthday today, I can’t help but sing out loud your favorite song for you. I hope you can hear my voice from up above.

I sometimes wish you were here to give me directions and advice as you always did. I have lost a great gift but I know it shall be well. Enjoy every second of the day

I miss you so much, daddy. Whenever it is your birthday, I remember all the good times we had and I wish they never came to an end. I will forever cherish those memories

Dad, today is your birthday but I cannot get any gifts to you over there. The best I can do is to wish you well as you celebrate today with angels in heaven. You will forever be remembered. Happy heavenly birthday.

Wishing my dear dad a happy birthday beyond the clouds

Even though you are no longer here to celebrate it, your birthday will always be a special occasion as it’s a celebration of your life and a time to recognise all of your incredible achievements.

I’ll continue to celebrate it in your honour, until the end of days. Love you, dad

Happy birthday, dad.

Today I’ll be looking up at the stars and thinking of you, sending my very best wishes and love to you.

I love you so much and still miss you each and every day. You always have and always will mean the world to me.

Today we are celebrating the birthday of an incredible man: my dear dad in heaven.

Although you aren’t here in person to spend your special day with us, dad, we know that you are here in spirit, today and every other day.

To say that we miss you is an understatement, but it is comforting to know that you are always looking over us and protecting us from where you are. I hope you are celebrating today and enjoying yourself up there.

Happy birthday, dad. I love you with every inch of my heart.

Birthday Dad in Heaven Messages

Best Birthday, dad. May this day bring countless happiness and bountiful joy while you celebrate your Birthday up there in Heaven

Wonderful Birthday in Heaven, Daddy! The angels should celebrate… it’s your Birthday!

Dad, wherever you are now… I want you to know that regardless of how much we have fought, argued, and misunderstood each other; you still end up being right. That is what my heart always knows… I miss you dad, happy bday!

It hurts me to think that you are no longer with us, daddy. Although I cannot help but smile with tears in my eyes, thinking of how we have cherished every moment of our lives together while you are still alive. I miss you, dad, best Birthday in Heaven.

Dear Dad, I sealed my birthday wishes for you inside an envelope filled with love and respect, so it reaches you in Heaven and goes right through your heart. Wonderful bday in Heaven!

As I grow older, no matter whose love will give me happiness, I will always remain my daddy’s little girl. I miss you dad, happy bday!

I have stopped staring at the sky at night because destiny has already taken away my brightest star, and it’s you, my daddy. Best bday!

If your late father is celebrating his Birthday, here are some messages and wishes you can send to him in Heaven.

I am sending my best birthday wishes to the best dad I know. He may not be here now, but he’s forever in my heart. Happy Birthday, dad!

Dad, since you were gone, I have kept thinking about you, and it pains me a lot. I would be willing to give anything to relive those beautiful memories. Happy bday in Heaven; I truly miss you.


Dad, on the day you left, I didn’t just lose a father, I lost a dear friend, companion, and mentor. I miss you so much, dad. Happy birthday in heaven

Death’s icy jaws may have snatched you away from me, but you will forever remain the hero of my life. Have a happy birthday in heaven, dad

Although you are not with me now, I want you to know that you will always remain in a special place in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven, dad. I will love you forever.

Dad, the stars can’t immortalize you because they will fade away. A poem can’t commemorate you because it would be forgotten one day. The only place I will keep you is my heart so that I will be with you always. Happy birthday in heaven, dad.

Every time I think of you, dad, tears come down my cheeks the same way rain falls on the earth. I miss you so much, dad. Have a happy birthday in heaven.

Dad, I want to thank you for making me the strong woman I am today. But I want you to know that no matter how strong I am, I can’t be strong enough to deal with the fact that you are gone. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven. I will always love you

Dad, it’s quite ironic that I didn’t listen to your advice when you were here. But now that you are gone, I am living the life you want me to live. I will give anything just to have you advise me again. Have a happy birthday in heaven.

We may be far from each other, but I always feel you are so close. This might be because you have always shown me love from the very first day. I will always love you, dad. Happy birthday, my dad in heaven.

Dear dad. Here we are gathered to celebrate your special day. We know that the angels in heaven are also gathered to celebrate you. We will always miss you, dad. Enjoy your birthday in heaven

Your death will always remain a vague memory for me. But your life and all the good times we shared will be as clear as day. You are the epitome of love, kindness, and affection. I want you to enjoy your birthday in heaven.

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